About Us

Purpose Driven Tees is built on the simple principle of wisdom. The text on the tees is a silent way to do a spoken movement and it's powerful. Yes! They sometimes strike nerves, but they also make one stop to think. Once anything enters the human system whether by way of smell, sound, taste, touch, or sight, it must then be processed. 
Everyone may not read your posts on social media. Everyone may not read your book. Everyone may not even listen to you.... but everyone who looks at any t-shirt long enough will read it and the message will be internalized, processed, then begin to transform minds. 
When we solicit support for Purpose Driven Tees, it's so much deeper than money. It's a movement. It's us asking you to join in by either purchasing a t-shirt OR at least being willing to share the link with others who may purchase one.  Every shirt purchased helps the messages go further, faster. 
We're just crazy enough to still have hope and truly believe by faith that if we all try to unite and spread wisdom with all we encounter, we can help change the world and make it a better place for tomorrow. 
Let's transform minds one t-shirt at a time because where the MIND goes, the man follows.