Deadbeat Dads & Misfit Moms / PDT 1 Yr. After Party

Deadbeat Dads & Misfit Moms / PDT 1 Yr. After Party

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"Deadbeat Dads & Misfit Moms" is a Healing & Empowerment event Purpose-Driven Tees & Millionaire Grind will be having November 23, 2019 at Red Diamond Event Hall.

It's open to men, women, and children 12 and older.

So many people are victims and products of these type of parents, yet it's not often that experiences are shared in a positive, peaceful aspect. Shared experiences/testimonies are critical in assisting others with their journey to healing.

The speakers will all be people who are products of deadbeat dads or misfit moms who have healed and can now reach back and help others overcome by sharing their personal testimonies.

If you or anyone you know have experienced this and need help getting beyond it, please be sure to come out to this event. It will be fun, live, and entertaining.... and healing and empowerment will still take place.

On this same day, Purpose Driven Tees will be 1 year old so IMMEDIATELY after this event, it'll open to the public and there will be a PDTee BYOB party.